Book presentation « L’Architecture par l’intérieur »
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Book « Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles. Mécènes du XXe siècle. »
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Presentation of the books « L’Architecture par l’intérieur » and « Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles »

December 2018

During the conference "Intimacy Exposed: Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom", organized by the Interior Architecture Department of HEAD – Genève, L’Architecture par l’intérieur and Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles. Mécènes du XXe siècle.

Designed as a guide for the study of interior architecture, the book L’Architecture par l’intérieur by Roberto Zancan, Research Doctor and Professor of history and theory in the Interior Architecture Department of HEAD – Genève, aims to encourage questioning and to inspire. Resulting of two international symposia organized by the HEAD – Genève, L’architecture d’intérieur en mots (2015) and La fin de l’intériorité ? (2016), this book offers an overview of a profession with different sensibilities, and strongly affirms the specificity of its method, especially in comparison to its sister disciplines, the design and the architecture. It thus provides a theoretical, human-centered reflection on space, from the inside to the outside.

Initiated by Jean-Pierre Blanc, the book Charles et Marie-Laure de Noailles. Mécènes du XXe siècle, written by Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne and Alexandre Mare, reflects on the philanthropic work of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, who acquired artworks of all disciplines. They faced the art and intellectual matters of their times; and stimulated the artists with commissions and supports. The emblematic villa Noailles marked the decades following the first World War and hosted many artists such as Man Ray, Alberto Giacometti, Salvador Dalì, Jean Cocteau, Francis Poulenc, Luis Buñuel, André Breton.

Both books are on sale during the conference.

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