Mock trial @ Palais de Rumine - Border
© 24 heures - Gaia Coupard
Mock trial @ Palais de Rumine - Hospital
© 24 heures - Aliya Gbedegnon
Mock trial @ Palais de Rumine - Car
© 24 heures - Sophie Hache
Mock trial @ Palais de Rumine - Growth
© 24 heures - Lou Pouwels

Mock trial @ Palais de Rumine - Workshop

November 2023

On November 3 and 4, Les disputes de Rumines took place in the form of 4 mock trials, played out by real magistrates who indicted the Car, the Hospital, the Border and Growth as social issues and objects of public debate.
Each trial was preceded by a workshop that gave the audience (who took on the role of grand jury at the end of each trial) the chance to find out more, read the trial proceedings and explore some practical projects or utopias.

Ten second-year Bachelor of Illustration student volunteers were invited by the president of the Disputons-nous association, Charles Kleiber, and the 24h newspaper to present the various issues at stake in the trials, in the form of live in-situ drawings.
The aim was to produce a series of drawings (ranging from idea drawings to mind-maps) conveying and/or interpreting what the students retained and understood from the exchanges between the accused and the prosecution.

This was an opportunity for them to take a very short time (2h30) to conceive, assimilate and sort the contents, then adapt and synthesize their drawing to obtain a relevant, readable and publishable result. One drawing was then selected and published in the 24 heures newspaper, in Der, to accompany their journalist's account of the trial.



Sophie Hache 
Richard Holzer
Gaia Coupard 
Solveig Cafaxe
Chiara Pugliese
Aliya Gbedegnon
Gary Chapoux
Alissa Kumpf
Lou Pouwels Arts
Pierre Chevreul

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