No'Photo 2017
© No'Photo 2017
Et donnez-vous la main, Et donnons-nous la main by Léonie Marion, Visual arts option Information / Fiction
© Léonie Marion
Speed by Margot Lançon,Visual Arts, option Information / Fiction
© Margot Lançon
Trashed by Jonathan Levy, student in visual art, option Information/fiction
© Jonathan Levy
More to the North by Vanessa Cojocaru, alumni 2017, Bachelor in visual communication
© Vanessa Cojocaru
Ni jour, ni nuit by Margot Lançon, student in visual art, option Information/fiction
© Margot Lançon
Et donnez-vous la main, Et donnons la main by Léonie Marion, alumni 2017 in visual art, option Information/fiction
© Léonie Marion

La HEAD at No'Photo

October 2017

The City of Geneva launches the first nocturnal of photography, entitled No'Photo on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 5 pm to 2 am in various cultural places in the city center. This event mainly explores the image projected on giant screens. Projections, exhibitions, meetings, movies & photo studios. The works of HEAD students and graduates will be presented at the BAC -  projection room.

Photography is a common feature of the courses offered at the HEAD – Genève. It is taught in visual arts and design departments, reflecting the autonomy and hybrid reality of current photographic practices. HEAD – Genève has chosen to examine the unique and continually renewed relationship between photography and reality. It offers many practical and theoretical spaces, as well as research and production projects that explore the fine line between information and fiction. For its first participation in this event, come and discover a focus on production by students of Information-fiction option and a selection of work by young Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates.

Focus on students' works of the option information/fiction
With a proposal by Léonie Marion and a series of portfolios and excerpts from a project carried out in Kassel by the students.

Proposals for work by young graduates
More to the north - 2016 Vanessa Cojocaru, BA Visual Communication 2017

Her close family fled Romania from Ceausescu in the 1970s, and Vanessa is aware of the theme of individual identity and her relationship to migration. His series starts from an archaeological approach in an attempt to imagine a population whose trace would have disappeared.

Rebuilding - 2016
Judith Hunziker, MA Visual Communication 2013

Committed to human rights, Judith uses design to address social issues that are important to her. In recent years, it has been interested in migration and its main actors: refugees and asylum seekers. The series presented here has been developed through meetings of Syrian refugees in Leipzig, Germany.

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