Il sentiero della strega
© HEAD – Genève, Lorenzo Di Ciaccia
Entre ciel et terre
© HEAD – Genève, Maria Gans
© HEAD – Genève, Sophie Perrier
La vy au loup
© HEAD – Genève, Camille de Pietro
Tout ça
© HEAD – Genève, Nalia Giovanoli
© HEAD – Genève, Céline Carridroit et Aline Suter

Festival Visions du Réel

April 2014

Six movies selected at the Festival Visions du Réel

25 April - 3 May 2014

Five films from HEAD - Genève Alumnis were showing the latest edition of Visions du Réel Festival, and a film of Celine Carridroit, collaborator of the Department Cinema/cinéma du réel.
It sentiero della Strega Lorenzo Di Ciaccia and Maria Gans Entre terre et ciel were presented in Section "Helvétiques" while Komorebitachi Sophie Perrier, La Vy au Loup Camille Pietro and Nalia Giovanoli Tout ça were featured in Programming Section "Premiers Pas". The Resuns film Celine Carridroit, co-directed with the filmmaker Aline Suter, found himself meanwhile in International Competition.
For the third consecutive year the Department Cinéma/cinéma du réel pledged to support a documentary film project on the stated ambition by delivery AWARD HEAD - Geneva Postproduction one of the films presented at the Real Pitching 2014. This Price includes support for the calibration of the film and the realization of a DCP.
As in previous editions, a student-e-e Cinema Department / real film also had the opportunity to chair the Jury Young Audiences. This important responsibility fell this year to Laura Gabay, a first year student Bachelor.

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