Magdalena Brozda, "If I Die Today, Please Call Me Tomorrow", collection Master Design Mode & Accessoire 2014
© Magdalena Brozda

A Contemporary Fashion Design Dictionary

January 2015 to January 2017

HEAD Project leader: Bertrand Maréchal
Team: Bertrand Maréchal, Lysianne Léchot-Hirt, Ying Gao, Lucas Marchetti
Partners: Mathieu Buard, Jaïlis Sané
Financing: HES-SO 
Intended results: Development of a glossary relating to the link between theory and practice in contemporary fashion design
Expected development: Journal that compiles a glossary of fashion terms and interviews with contemporary designers

This project is primarily intended for fashion design education in the context of universities of applied art in Switzerland and vocational institutions in Europe that place strong emphasis on the articulation between theory and practice.

There are no clearly listed theoretical references for the vocabulary specific to supporting students in their creative development. The most striking example is summed up in the notion of ‘concept’. This term, which students live with from their first contact with creative thought and through the development of a collection project, is not subject to any exhaustive bibliographical reference. Design theorists themselves believe it is a matter of philosophical debate and further research. This specific case highlights an observation that extends to all the steps in the creative process in fashion design and that underpins students’ concerns.

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