From May 6 to 8, 2021
The Cube, HEAD – Genève Campus
Avenue de Châtelaine 7, Geneva
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Organisé par la HEAD – Genève et l’HEPIA, Archipelago : Architectures for the Multiverse (Architectures pour le multivers) est la première édition d’un événement international à ancrage local et numérique, issu d’un partenariat entre les départements d’architecture, d’architecture d’intérieur et d’architecture du paysage.

Structured over three days, Archipelago offers a series of prompts to conceptualize concrete paths forward. The program will begin by taking stock of the current state of architectural, interior, and landscape practices, before identifying emerging and newly visible trends, and concluding with an examination of methods and models, and modes of dissemination. These conversations will be framed and broadcast from The Cube.
They will be presented through a purpose-built scenography, which is itself an archipelago of variant capacities, connected and interwoven by the activity of online and in-person participants.

Archipelago: Architectures for the Multiverse invites you to sit within a present state of general and perpetual trouble and look closely at its many components. Archipelago’s first manifestation is intended to be a pause for disaffiliated inquiry, bringing participants together on issues within and without contemporary design discourse, to investigate the range of possibilities namely for teaching and research. The event proposes an approach based on archipelagic thinking as a reaction to the dominance of continental modes of investigation.

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Archipelago: Architectures for the Multiverse