COVID – 19 measures

Situation on 25 November 2020

Federal authorities have decided that distance education has become the norm in higher education since November 2, but they authorize “the maintenance of face-to-face teaching activities which are deemed essential for the training programme and for which face-to-face teaching is necessary” (article 6d, paragraph 1b, of Federal Ordinance Covid-19 of 19 June 2020, as amended on 28 October 2020). 

Providing a safe framework for study and work is our responsibility as an institution. Please find here below the main points of the HEAD Protection Plan, which is fully in line with that of HES-SO Genève: 

Reinforcement of social distancing measures 
- Anyone moving around in any of the spaces, inside and outside the buildings, must wear a mask at all times. Masks are available at the reception desks in every building. 
- Each reception desk is equipped with hand sanitiser and we invite you to disinfect your hands upon arrival. Students will be able to collect a refillable pocket bottle of hand sanitiser from the reception desks of the buildings. 
Disinfection of the work desk is required once every half day at least.  
- Gatherings – informal discussions between colleagues, coffee breaks – of up to five people are allowed, as long as all participants are wearing masks and maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from one another. 
Teachers are invited to remind students of social distancing measures at the beginning of each lesson. 
In case of non-compliance with the rules, the teacher, the assistant or the HEAD staff can exclude the student from the course and ask him to leave the buildings. 

Appointment of a HEAD Covid-19 contact person to ensure compliance with the protection plan. The contact person is available for all questions relating to face-to-face activities and she responds to requests from staff and students. 

Presence of additional staff at the entrance to the buildings responsible for ensuring compliance with the Protection Plan 
All buildings are equipped with the SocialPass system and tracing app. In order to signal their presence in a building, each person must scan the QR Code which is displayed upon arrival. 

Rooms in which activities take place – classrooms, conference rooms, offices, workshops, cafeterias – must be ventilated every hour for a minimum of five minutes

Space occupancy 
- No more than 4 people per table may sit together for meals in the cafeterias and at a distance between them of at least 1.5 metres. 
- In teaching situations, the number of participants must be proportional to the size of the space and the activity. For face-to-face activities “hybrid” or “alternating half-group” arrangements must be favoured. 

Reinforced Covid-19 communication 
- Communication on social distancing and other measures taken by HEAD are reinforced on all HEAD displays. 
- Strengthen students’ self-discipline and co-responsibility in favour of respect and promotion of social distancing measures. 
- Management will involve health professionals to answer questions from students, teachers and administrative and technical staff. 
- A daily update on the number of cases and those in quarantine at HEAD is available on the intranet

Teleworking is preferred. However, as some courses remain face-to-face and the school is open, administrative, technical and teaching staff may also be required to provide part of their professional services face-to-face. 

Good luck to all for this next week! 

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COVID – 19 measures
© Situation on 25th November 2020