Gay Couple, Faux U: Sergio de Loof - Arte de Latinoamerica Re Moderno

Thursday 12 April 2018 to Saturday 21 April 2018

HEAD, Bâtiment Général-Dufour
Espace d'exposition | Cinéma Salle Robert Kramer
Rue de Hesse 5, 1204 Genève

A proposition of Gay Couple 
Opening on April 12 2018 at 6 pm

RE trucha, RE puesto, RE que:
The most important thing in life is U

Sergio de Loof
Arte de Latinoamerica Re Moderno

Air from Brazil, light clean soft wind, only sweet beautiful sea. 
Honey: I don't want to be Argentine anymore.

When we talk about nationalism aren’t we talking about tribalism, regionalism, isolationism, xenophobia? Questions about the self and the other or how far can community extend or contract to its own center? Coordination, synchronization, liberation. I’ll tell you this, when I moved from home an old man from town told me that you couldn’t look everybody in the eyes in the city, it would fuck with you too much. 

A collector once told me: We love our museums cause they display a form of life that we have made impossible.

What is the difference between European, Asian, African or North American Passionism? In theory, Passionism is fucked up from the start: to believe in feelings, to get angry, to fall in love, to be driven by completely irrational unbalanced emotions: war, sadness, depression, all that combo. But what about gut feeling? Stomachists, differentiated themselves from Passionists in their believe that intestine intelligentsia was the solution for their rotting world. The stomach is the brain. 

There are gestures that can not be achieved in a foreign tongue, and some that can only be achieved that way. Then this: All that we write might look like a painting. Someone who spoke my language once said: it's a joke to write in your tongue when no one can understand, writing in your language is not a joke. To deal with the fact that no one understands a word is not cowardice, it is the risk of honesty. Writing in mother tongue is also a way to get in and out of a territorial voice. Can you travel enough? Have you had the chance, the blessing, the curse, to live out of your birth assigned country?

What she could not understand and might never understand was the language of his theory. That there’s an immanent meaning in language in itself and mastering a language might be a life’s work. What would be the point to sharpen a round stone anyways? Baby, life is not clear, at least not for me, it is irrational, complex, and for dealing with that, we need language to be our ally, to help us see in this darkness, to discern. Yes, it’s good to complicate languages ​​with other languages, but still there’s a deep need to practice and sharpen one. It might not be yours.

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