Talking Heads with Etienne Robial

Monday 12 December 2016

HEAD, auditorium Bd James-Fazy 15
1201 Genève 
at 19.00 pm

In conversation with Roland Margueron, founder of the Galerie-Librairie Papiers Gras in Geneva
After an artistic training at the School of Fine Arts in France and at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Vevey (Switzerland), Etienne Robial began his career in 1970 as artistic director (Barclay Records, Filipacchi Editions).
Co-founder of Futuropolis, a publisher of picture books and comic books (450 catalog titles, 30 collections of original design), which he directed until 1994. Notably publisher of Florence Cestac, Ever Meulen, Swarte, Tardi, Götting, Baudoin ...

Specialist in scalable graphics systems, zeros for the press, images of brands and visual identities of companies (PSG, Editions verticales, CNC and numerous subsidiaries of the Canal + group).
Co-founder, in 1982, of on / off, a production company specializing in chain identity and antenna design, he realizes Canal + (1984), Sept (1986), M6 1987), Show TV (1991), RTL then RTL9 (1994-1995), Canal + (1995) and numerous generics for other channels.

Artistic director of Canal + since its creation (1984). Professor of Graphic Art at ESAG - Penninghen (Graduate School of Graphic Arts). He received at the Promax-BDA (2006) the Outstanding Achievement Award. He is not a member of the AGI (international graphic alliance).
Etienne Robial was born in 1945 in Rouen.

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Talking Heads with Etienne Robial
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Talking Heads with Etienne Robial
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