Behave! exercice de contrôle et art expérimental, 1960-70

Saturday 21 February 2015

Design Project Room
Haute école d’art et de design–Genève
Rue de Lyon 22, CH-1201 Genève

Monday March 2nd 2015 from 16h to 20h

MIND CONTROL Research Group (FNS 2013-2015 project, HEAD) aims to reinterpret the arts extended the period of the 1960s by involving them in dialogue with some experimental practices in the field of psychology. Gestures, speech and radical objects that period of experimental film, performance, conceptual art, radical architecture, video guerrillas are read in parallel mental conditioning techniques such as brainwashing, depatterning, sensory deprivation, isolation devices. By updating the various influences unexplored between mental manipulation techniques and some artistic practices, MIND CONTROL provides an innovative reading of the history of art which thus approaches the study of production devices subjectivity.

MIND CONTROL presents his first study day: Behave ! exercice de contrôle et art expérimental, 1960-70. It focuses on the importance of the behavioral model and the influence it has had on certain artistic practices: consciousness alteration by drugs, black box automated behavior, deprivation and sensory overload, brain-computer reciprocity . We will question these processes to the extent that they allow you to enter a new angle the performance practices, the relationship of the viewer to the artwork, the idea of capturing the attention in the moment of minimalism, the claims of underground subversive practices.

Intervenants / speakers: Jelena Martinovic, historienne de la médecine, chercheuse senior MIND CONTROL (HEAD) 
Title of the presentation:
Quand l’art intervient pour (dé)-conditionner l’individu et les masses
Nicolas Brulhart, chercheur junior MIND CONTROL (HEAD), doctorant en histoire du cinéma (Université de Lausanne)
Title of the presentation:
Exposition et design comportemental de l’environnement à l’art conceptuel
Vincent Borcard, doctorant en histoire de l’art (Université de Fribourg, projet FNS Art & Science II)
Title of the presentation:
EEG, Epileptic Seizure, P:A:U:L:S:H:A:R:I:T:S
Larisa Dryansky, maître de conference en histoire de l’art (INHA/Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Title of the presentation:
Inside the Black Box. De quelques aspects behavioristes du minimalisme et du postminimalisme
Introduction and synthesis: Pascal Rousseau, Jelena Martinovic et Nicolas Brulhart

Invitation| Colloque | BEHAVE ! exercice de contrôle et art expérimental, 1960-70 | 02 mars 2015

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Epileptic Seizure Comparison, 1976
© Paul Sharits