1980s Brother brand knitting machine connected to a computer
© Claire Williams
Impressions 3D pour machine à tricoter
© Philippe Fragnière
Chariot machine à tricoter, impression 3D
© Philippe Fragnière


September 2018 to September 2020

Leading institution: HEAD – Genève
Project Leader: Valentine Ebner, Design Mode
Project Team: Fabien Degoumois, Nina Gander, Valentine Ebner
Funding: HES-SO
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TheKnitGeekResearch is a design research project at the crossroads of fashion and engineering which aims to provide new creative tools for the fashion industry, more particularly in the field of knitting. 

This project has two objectives: The first is technical and economic and is intended to provide a hybrid tool that combines craftsmanship with automated production to meet the needs of fashion micro-companies in terms of prototyping and small series. The second is creative and aims to provide original designs thanks to 3D knitting exploration. These are based on materials that are seldom used in knitting as well as glitches in the programming of shapes and patterns in order to develop a catalogue of knitting samples that showcase the possibilities of this new tool that may serve as a baseline for designers.

This catalogue will be continually developed in order to find other possible applications for 3D knitting.

TheKnitGeekProject provides a new approach to small-scale production of clothes and/or accessories, a concern that mainly affects young designers and MA students, and also aims to develop new original aesthetics, deliberate or accidental, in order to push the limits of creation and experimentation.

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