The reconstructed Obsolescence, Salomé Kahn
© HEAD – Genève, Salomé Kahn
Green Screen, Melina Reymondin & Arthur Groebli
© HEAD – Genève, Melina Reymondin & Arthur Groebli
AlliN P, Raghid Jomaa & Clément Vogelsperger
© HEAD – Genève, Raghid Jomaa & Clément Vogelsperger
En orbite, Théotime Serre
© HEAD – Genève, Théotime Serre
CryotoCalc, Andreia Rodrigues & Dorotha Grajewska
© HEAD – Genève, Raghid Jomaa & Clément Vogelsperger
Toy Archives, Hugo Langlade & Ilhana Bešić
© HEAD – Genève, Hugo Langlade & Ilhana Bešić
phoneDiary, Benjamin Boulesteix & Emma Parente
© HEAD – Genève, Benjamin Boulesteix & Emma Parente
Ears = Vision, Pauline Baldinetti & Audrey Délisse
© HEAD – Genève, Pauline Baldinetti & Audrey Délisse

techno trash services

June 2022

What are these cycles of circulation of our technological objects? How do we use and discard such objects and why do they end up in landfill and flea markets? How can we detour their original uses and use them to enhance critical reflection?

techno trash services is a student collective focused on exploring the roles of discarded

electronic devices and data. What can we do with our old electronic devices? What could they be used for? What’s the future of digital rubbishes? techno trash services answers those questions with a set of new services or products.

By Audrey Délisse, Pauline Baldinetti, Emma Parente, Melina Reymondin, Arthur Groebli, Raghid Jomaa, Salomé Kahn, Théotime Serre, Andreia Rodrigues, Hugo Langlade, Dorotha Grajewska, Ilhana Bešić, Benjamin Boulesteix and Clément Vogelsperger.

Curated by Nicolas Nova and Gordan Savičić, as part of the Design Inquiries workshop, at HEAD — Genève.

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