© HEAD – Genève, M.Bonnet
Wind Energy, T.Weibel
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Air Pressure, T.Levak
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Insulation, C.Rouhling
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Thermal Inertia, C.Grobet
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Thermal Effusivity, A.Lajci
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Evaporation, D.Dealmeida
© HEAD – Genève, D.Dealmeida
Convection, I.Escher
© HEAD – Genève, I.Escher


February 2022

Studio tutor: Philippe Rahm (Philippe Rahm Architectes)
Assistant: Phi Nguyen

With global warming, it is predicted that by 2100 the city of Geneva will have temperatures similar to those of the Puglia region in Italy, and that there will be an increase in the number of heat waves in summer. Faced with this situation, this studio aims to reform, through real climatic factors, the nature of the public space, by transforming an iconic building in Geneva (la Cité du Temps) into a ‘PUBLIC CLIMATE’. 

The goal is to reinvent the interior design of the place, its decoration, its use, its programme as a cooling room, a climatic refuge, updating the ancient meaning of public spaces, which, like basilicas, were used for shade in the summer, or cafés, for warming up in the winter.

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