Atelier - Architecture du nouveau réalisme
© HEAD – Genève, Nora Rhyner, Charlotte Roux, Nemo Reitz
Project Valo * Light
© HEAD – Genève, Nora Rhyner
Swiss Light Museum
© HEAD – Genève, Charlotte Roux
Swiss Light Museum
© HEAD – Genève, Charlotte Roux
Le MAH - Ix
© HEAD – Genève, Nemo Reitz
Indoor Clim(t)h
© HEAD – Genève, Emma Birbaud
Heat Flow
© HEAD – Genève, Hugo Milan
Comfort for All
© HEAD – Genève, Rafael Donoso
Le MAH Nouveau
© HEAD – Genève, Taomei Bengone
© HEAD – Genève, Noemi Dux
© HEAD – Genève, Bernardes Da Silva Rui-Filipe

Studio - Architecture of the New Realism

July 2020

Atelier dirigé par Philippe Rahm 
Assisté de Phi Nguyen

The studio is a collaboration between HEAD’s Department of Interior Architecture and Geneva’s Museum of Art and History. Students are asked to work on the prefiguration of architectural projects for the transformation and extension of the Museum, which will be the subject of an architectural competition next year. Our work contributes to the definition of the museum’s competition programme and provides an opportunity to reflect on the invention of a new museum model for the 21st century.

The philosophy of our studio is to put forward the energy and climatic rationale which intervenes in the definition of architectural forms, functions, techniques and in the choice of materials. In contrast to the post-modernist era’s secondary treatment of these issues, we believe that they are now taking over in our response to the climate and health crisis. This position compels us to seriously reconsider these physical values in the very process of the architectural projects and their capacity to generate both a new aesthetic and new social behaviours.

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