Opening at HEAD of Switzerland's first MA in Interior Design
© Régis Golay
Atelier process Line Fontana
© HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon
Atelier Scene de menage outlines de la vie domestique
© HEAD – Genève
Master en Architecture d'intérieur. Ouverture septembre 2019
© Dylan Perrenoud
Master en Architecture d'intérieur. Ouverture septembre 2019
© HEAD – Genève, Michel Giesbrecht

Opening at HEAD of Switzerland's first MA in Interior Design

October 2018

Anticipating new living environments 
The program prepares you to master the diversification of today’s interior design key issues, which are characterized by cross-disciplinary approaches, from design to cinema, art or virtual reality. You will be addressing interior design as a laboratory for contemporary architecture.
Architects, interior designers as well as other specialists will lead you to imagine  and carry out projects professionnally, in the form of buildings, exhibitions or publications. 

At the end of the program, you will be a creative and trustworthy professional leader, capable of managing complex design processes in several fields of work in interior architecture and design, from small size objects to larger spaces, from permanent buildings to ephemeral projects in private or public contexts. Teaching is based on three fields of work : architectural programme (private, public and commercial spheres), technical skills (design, energy performance, construction process), intellectual understanding and vision (cultural leadership through creative positioning, exhibitions, publications). As an expert in your field, you will hold key positions and will contribute to anticipating users’ emerging needs and new styles of living. The MA in Interior Design will enable you to apply in the future for registration on the Professional Register of Swiss Architects (REG A). 

Full-size projects constitute the backbone of your course structure. You will work in cooperation with international designers on actual projects that are carried out for companies or institutions. Your studies will thus lead you to your professional career. HEAD is currently collaborating with Salone del Mobile in Milan, Designers’Saturday in Langenthal and with brands such as Aesop, Bucherer or USM. 

The program is organized in cooperation with the Joint Master of Architecture (JMA) of Swiss Schools of Architecture and with Ecole Camondo in Paris. You will take some courses in these schools and will also collaborate with other departments at HEAD. Design studio is the core of the program, and is supplemented byt theory courses and seminars, as well as interdisciplinary workshops that will help you develop a bold and visionary new thinking, inspired by creativity and innovation. Conferences, study trips and optional internship complete the curriculum. 

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