Mamco 2015
© HEAD - Genève
Mamco 2015 - Sandy Pitetti
© HEAD - Genève
Mamco 2015 - Mélissa Monier
© HEAD - Genève
Mamco 2015 - Mauranne Mazars et Ivan Gulizia
© HEAD - Genève
Mamco 2015 - Camille Bouvier
© HEAD - Genève
Mamco 2015 - Amélie Strobino
© HEAD - Genève

Le MAMCO fête ses 20 ans

May 2015
Students Camille BouvierIvan GuliziaMaurane MazarsMelissa MonnierSandy Pitteti and Amélie Strobino.
Head of Visual communication faculty: Jérôme Baratelli.
Teacher and coordination: Olivier Riechsteiner.
Sound design: Dominique Fabre.
Calibration: Raphael Frauenfelder.
HEAD-Geneva in collaboration with the MAMCO, made five animated commercials during the 20 years of Mamco.
They were made by students with visual communication in the framework of the professional option. Students were very free, which allowed them individual and original approach to the subject. They also benefited from the collaboration of several internal partners at HEAD. The spots are broadcast in some cinemas in Geneva from April to May and November to December 2015. They are also visible on Vimeo account Mamco under "20 years of Mamco".


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