Chiara Kocis, Chirine Samii et Carla-Marie Savaris
© Joseph Curle
Hannah Mackaness
© Joseph Curle
Lovena Vedrine
© Joseph Curle
Noee Zahavy  
© Joseph Curle
Victoria Jospin et Constance Thiessoz
© Joseph Curle

Light & Matter

January 2023

Workshop under the direction of : Jordi Canudas
Assistant : Margaux Janin and Eloïse Vo
Students: Joseph Curle, Luna Deleani, Emile Demerliac, Adèle Guilbault, Camilla Hoffmeister, Victoria Jospin, Chiara Kocis, Hannah Mackaness, Zorana Mitrovic, Chirine Samii, Carla-Marie Savaris, Constance Thiessoz, Lovena Vedrine, Noee Zahavy

The workshop is planned as an inmersive experience to deeply understand the nature of light and its relation with the space. From concept, to test and prototype, conceptualising, developing, building and documenting a real size project, this workshop consisted in creating an installation to explore the light as an object and its effect on the space.
Jordi Canudas’s practice develops from a conceptual base onto prototyping and testing with a direct approach to materials. Working in a wide range of fields from product design, product development, art direction, interiors and one-off production. 

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