HEAD 10 years in comic strips by Tim Trautmann
© HEAD – Genève, Tim Trautmann

HEAD 10 years in comic strips by Tim Trautmann

June 2017

In which field, option and year are you studying and what are you currently working at the HEAD ?
I study in Geneva, in the visual communication, image-récit option, and I am finishing the second year (hopefully!) Currently I work mainly on drawing and comics but also on animation and photography. Next to it I work a lot on graphics, typography and music.

What are your future projects before and after the Bachelor?
Next year I would like to start an audio-visual album project, featuring animation, graphics and comics that accompany and contextualise the music.
After the Bachelor degree I would like to get closer (or return) to the graphics but also, perhaps, pursue a Master eventually in South Korea ...


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