"Can I take your room for a while ?" by Yu Jie, laureate of Red-Cross HEAD – Genève Art Prize 2015
© Yu Jie
From a serie of portraits at the Armée du salut by Yu Jie, laureate of Red-Cross HEAD – Genève Art Prize 2015
© Yu Jie
"Le Don" de Sophie Perrier, Special mention of the Jury
© Sophie Perrier

First edition of the Croix-Rouge artistic prize and HEAD – Geneva

November 2015

The Croix-Rouge (CRG), the international comitee of the Croix-Rouge and the HEAD - Geneva launch jointly the artistic prize Croix-Rouge Head-Geneva. The delivery of the first edition prize tooked place on october 29th 2015 in the Hippomène Space .

On this occasion, were throw movies realized by students of the cinema department with archival from the museum of the Croix-Rouge.
Brise-glace by Julie Sando
How to prevent a disaster by Raphaël Harari
Les maîtres de demain – vers une nouvelle éducation, Japon 1947 by Raphaël Harari

Wave Warning by Julie Sando, Julie Yara Zimmermann and Line de Kaenel

Swimming and Bathing in strange places is hazardous by Deborah Helle and Sophie Perrier

The young Chinese artist Yu Jie won the 1st artistic Prize Croix-Rouge Head- Genève, for its photographic and video work inspired by the marginality, the precariousness and the loneliness.
A special mention of the jury was attributed to Sophie Perrier, a Swiss-film maker, for a short fiction film. The gift evoking the relation donor-beneficiary. Movie realized for her HEAD diploma Bachelor in cinema in june 2015.
Une mention spéciale du jury a été attribuée à Sophie Perrier, cinéaste suisse, pour un court métrage de fiction Le don évoquant la relation donateur-bénéficiaire, film réalisé pour son diplôme Bachelor en Cinéma à la HEAD – Genève, obtenu en juin 2015.

Composition of the jury :
Nathalie Narbel, director of the Croix-Rouge genevoise and forewoman of the jury.

Jean-Pierre Greff, director of the HEAD – Genève

Mohini Ghai Kramer, director-assistent of the communication department of the CICR

Isabelle Moncada, journalist-productor RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse

Françoise Ninghetto, director-assistant of the Mamco, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain Genève

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