Ilan Nguyen, Koji Yamamura
© Animatou, Sarah Aboubacar
Ilan Nguyen, Koji Yamamura, Jean Perret
© Animatou, Sarah Aboubacar

Festival Animatou - le rendez-vous international en Suisse romande de l’animation.

October 2014

October 3, 2014 meeting with a director of great talent and broad culture, Koji Yamamura. This master class was interpreted with great detail and information on the Japanese culture by
Illan Nguyen, a specialist of animation and lecturer at Osaka University.

In collaboration with HEAD - Geneva, a day made and hosted by Jean Perret allowed to discover a work of exceptional graphics and thematic richness. With the projection of films like Frank Kafka's a Country Doctor, 21 minutes inspired, hallucinated by the news of the famous Prague writer and Mybridge's Strings, portrait of the legendary London photographer who first decomposed the motion of a naked man, of a woman, a horse. Transposition combining the complexity of a biographical narrative necessarily deficient in an animation technique specifically decomposing movement to reveal unsuspected evidence.

Koji Yamamura, a Japanese filmmaker

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