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Experimental code lab – DXR Zone (Rifke Sadleir and Dan Bara)

March 2023

This workshop proposed students to play with interactive visuals and animations, inputs and outputs, computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), sound reactivity and more through code, using P5.js.

At the end of the workshop, students moreover learned how to go “global”, deploying their snippets of code and their own interactive experiences on the World Wide Web. Along this class, they used P5.js: a JavaScript framework built to enable designers, artists and creatives the creation of playful or exciting interactive experiences with the minimum amount of setup. Through P5, that can be used by beginners and experts alike requiring no prior code knowledge, no prior knowledge was needed to take part of the “lab”. Apart from P5, coding fundamentals were also taught to the students, to help them better understand what happens in the background when deploying a website.

Melanie Affolter
Al-Walid Benkebil
Ian Dupraz
Esteban Duri
Emma Faisandel
Adele Guilbault
Narges Hamidi-Madani
Amaury Hamon
Gyeongrae Kim
Lea Maret
Lucie Morat
Marina Nalbandyan
Jose-Camilo Palacio-Constain
Alex Shushanyan
Huiwen Zang

DXR Zone (Rifke Sadleir et Dan Bara)


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