Gallery Ecart, exhibition of David Zack CV Nut Art Show
© Ecart archives, property of John M Armleder, 1974
Ecart Envelope
© Ecart archives, property of John M Armleder, 1976
Announcement of Ecart Publications
© Ecart archives, property of John M Armleder, 1979
Invitation to the exhibition of Günther Ruch Passé, présent, avenir, Ecart gallery
© Ecart archives, property of John M Armleder, 1978
John Armleder, John Gosling, Patrick Lucchini, Gérald Minkoff and Daniel Spoerri, Ecart Yearbook, Ecart Publications no 14, 1973
© Property of John M Armleder, 1978. Photography : Jerlyn Heinzen, 2016
Reenactment of ECART performance (Patrick Lucchini) « Suppression d’un sens : la vue », 1971, by HEAD - Genève students (here : Nelson Schaub, Ilana Winderickx et Ludovic Vial) in the Ecart exhibition at MAMCO
© HEAD - Genève, Raphaëlle Mueller, 2017
Ecart, study trip on snow
© Ecart, property of John M Armleder, 1969
Ecart, performance during Ayacotl. Seize Events. Dry beans collection, a tribute to Alison Knowles
© Ecart, property of John M Armleder, 1973
Ecart Gallery, view of the office located at 6, rue Plantamour, Geneva
© Ecart archives, property of John M Armleder, 1976


September 2017 to April 2019

Projet led by: Yann Chateigné, Professor of Visual arts
Project applicant : Yann Chateigné
Team: Elisabeth Jobin, Dan Solbach, Pierre Leguillon, Emilie Parendeau, Mathieu Copeland
Co-applicants: Thierry Davila, Lionel Bovier, David Lemaire (MAMCO), John M Armleder
Contact: Elisabeth Jobin
Funding: HES-SO

Hosting a variety of activities including an artists’ collective, a user-supported community centre, a publishing house, a library and a teahouse, Ecart was active in Geneva from 1969 to 1982. The alternative venue was established jointly by Genevans John M. Armleder, Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner and contributed to the promotion of practices related to the Fluxus movement (especially performance, artist’s books and mail art) in Europe as well as in the US, as evidenced by the prints, correspondence and documentary pictures collected or created by the artists in charge of the place. Filed by John Armleder in Geneva’s Art and History Museum, these non-inventoried documents attest to an activity that was particularly responsive to art forms which developed outside of commercial circuits, and to approaches that endeavoured to demystify works and their authors, i.e. a frame of mind specific to the 1970s.

In association with Geneva’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO), this project aims to archive this collection and to make it accessible to several types of audiences through exhibitions, publications and reactivations. In this way, it will attest to the artistic proliferation that happened in Geneva in the 1970s, which turned the city into a haven for international artists.

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