© Christiane Luible
© Christiane Luible


January 2010 to September 2012

Chef de projet :  Christiane Luible
Equipe de recherche :
Valentina Ebner, Daniel Herman, Juliette Sallin 
Axe de recherche : Matériaux, matérialités, matérialisations (Materials, materiality and materialization)
Durée (début-fin) : 2010 - 2012
Financement :

Résultats visés : The research project 3D FAB SIM opened up new avenues for the field of fashion design. Potential for true innovations with regards to the textile material, which have not been seen before, could finally be developed. The research project 3D FAB SIM finally allowed the fashion department of the HEAD – Genève and the HES-SO to position themselves as a leader and precursor in the field of the creation of  innovative materials and thus, shapes with means of simulations. In doing so, many new important contacts with the apparel and the textile industry, important institutions as well as with state for the art designers in that field could be established.

Valorisation prévue : The results of this research project led to scientific and press publications: “Use of a Trend Study as Fashion Design Research Framework” at the SDN one day symposium, November 2011, “La simulation 3D au service du design-mode”, LeTemps, 18 March 2013. The results of this research project have been demonstrated and taught in 2 bachelor fashion courses and is part of one common module of the new Master program “3D modeling for soft materials”. 

Mots-clés : Fashion, Design, Virtual Garment Simulation, 3D Textiles, Fabrics, Simulation, Derivation, Innovation

New garment simulation methods and corresponding novel ways of virtually conceiving products offer innovation possibilities for the process of creation, which are not yet exploited in the fashion culture and industry. By the digital alteration of fabric parameters in 3D environments, new fabric aesthetics and new functional textiles can be enhanced. Moreover, existing traditional, old fashioned processes are questioned by reversing the development chain : the digital creation of new fashionable garments pulls the production of innovative textiles.

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