Photo de David-Zo Meroni
© HEAD – Genève, David-Zo Meroni
Photo de Victoria Ducruet
© HEAD – Genève, Victoria Ducruet
Photo de Fermin Guerrero
© HEAD – Genève, Fermin Guerrero
Photo de Gustave Didelot
© HEAD – Genève, Gustave Didelot
Photo de Marie Marcon
© HEAD – Genève, Marie Marcon
Photo de Philippe Oswald
© HEAD–Genève, Philippe Oswald
Photo de Tammara Leites
© HEAD – Genève, Tammara Leites
Vue de l'exposition à l'espace Fusterie
© HEAD – Genève, Sandra Pointet

La dame de la mer

March 2015

Teacher: Stéphanie Gygax
Assistants: Rob van Leijsen and Sarah Haug

In collaboration with the Théâtre de Carouge, students present their interpretation of the themes at play in The Lady from the Sea In Henrik Ibsen, directed by Omar Porras in 2013. Made in the photography course, the projects done subject to exposure at l'espace Fusterie from 4 to 16 April 2104, as well as an annex publication.

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