CryptoPunks, 2017
© CryptoPunks, 2017

Cryptokit. Methodological guide to NFT and blockchain technologies

January 2022 to September 2022

Blockchain technology (2009), of which Bitcoin is the best known example, is still poorly understood outside of its monetary applications. In order to raise awareness of these issues among UAS students and teachers and to allow them to project themselves into the future of the professions, this project proposes to explore the development, since 2015, of "Non Fungible Token" (NFT) - that is, the possibility of producing a digital certificate that is unforgeable and decentralized, attached to a digital entity. Highlighted since the beginning of 2021 by a multitude of sales with record sums and by the development of specific marketplaces, NFTs raise issues related to the value, circulation and exposure of digital objects - which concerns all UAS domains. In order to make these issues accessible to the largest number of people, this project proposes to create a bilingual and open access transversal methodological guide including a lexicon, an iconographic booklet, case studies, and videos of experts. A transversal HES-SO Genève course aiming at producing scenarios related to the future of HES domains will be provided with the UNIGE, and will allow to co-construct the deliverables of the guide.

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