Course - Lighting
© Charlotte Roux
Papavero, Maria Clara
© Maria Clara
Nelombo, Hugo Milan
© Hugo Milan
Solar, Shana Bennett
© Shana Bennett
Sous les toits, Emma Birdaud
© Emma Birdaud
Soleil levant, Emma Launay
© Emma Launay
Dune, Julie Reeb
© Julie Reeb
Boulet, Nemo Reitz
© Nemo Reitz

Course - Lighting

June 2020

Lighting course by Valentine Maeder

The lighting course includes theoretical and technical notions relating to natural and artificial light, the analysis of the impact of natural light in a built space and the design of a lamp. Regarding the latter, students are instructed to create a specific lamp, with the aim of helping them understand the characteristics of the initial source in order to be able to modify and control its distribution and intensity while mastering the final rendering of the object.

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