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Colloque Nocturnal History of Architecture

December 2021 to February 2022

Leading institution: HEAD – Genève
Project leader: Roberto Zancan
Financing: FNS Scientific exchange
Co-financing: HEAD – Genève, HES-SO

Many researchers argue that contemporary spaces have become places whose temporality, structure and condition no longer depend on diurnal and circadian rhythms. Through the construction of nocturnal environments, architecture plays a crucial role in the renewal of our lifestyles. Indeed, the nightlife paradigm affects a fundamental function of the human being, namely that of sleep and the rhythm of our production/reproduction. From various case studies, the objective of this colloquium will be to produce an updated and in-depth knowledge of the production of nocturnal environments for the development of architectural theory.

Supported by the SNSF, this event is part of the research project « Scènes de nuit » (2021-2022) led at HEAD - Geneva by Javier Fernandez Contreras and financed by the HES-SO strategic fund.


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