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Carbon calculator

November 2021 to August 2022

Leading institutions: HEAD – Genève, HEG – Genève
Project leaders: Yves Corminboeuf, Anthony Masure, Laurent Cornaglia
Project team: Yves Corminboeuf, Anthony Masure, Laurent Cornaglia, Vincent de Vevey, Nicolas Baldran
Financing: HEAD – Genève, HEG – Genève

The interest in identifying one's CO2 emissions does not only concern large companies or polluting industries. Everyone, at his or her own level, must be able to estimate his or her carbon footprint in his or her private and professional life. Within the HES-SO, a simplified and shared carbon calculator will make it possible to become aware of the emissions necessary for the life of a campus, by considering the 5 transversal aspects common to the universities: infrastructures (building), purchases, mobility, freight and waste. This is the first essential step to reduce CO2 emissions. This tool can be used to calculate the annual carbon footprint of the campus, but it can also be used to calculate the carbon footprint of a project (e.g. a research project) or the emissions linked to a single theme (e.g. mobility). The main objective of the project is to generate infographics allowing a better understanding of C02 emissions through categories identified as important in the life of the campus or in the process of creating projects.

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