Björk portant le masque de Jenifer Burdet
© Mathias Theuer, Colors of Ostrava

Björk wears a piece from Jenifer Burdet’s collection

July 2015

Björk chose to wear a creation of Jenifer Burdet, who graduated with a Master in Fashion and accessories in 2014. The piece is from her collection « Extreme Conquistadors » for her diploma and was spotted by Björk’s stylist at the beggining of the summer at the international competition for young designers ITS in Trieste, Italy, to which Jenifer Burdet participated. She was among the 10 finalists in the 360 participants and won of the Prize « Eyes on Talent 2015 ». She had already won with the same collection the Prize HEAD Bongénie at the HEAD runway show 2014.

Article in 20 minutes

« It’s completley crazy ! Last week I participated at a competition of young designers in Italy where I won a prize. In the stride of glory, images of the competition were put on the net and Björk’s stylist wrote to me a mail last Monday. » says Jenifer Burdet.

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