The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (TAAG)
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The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (TAAG)

December 2016 to December 2018

Projet led by: Gene Ray, Profesor visual arts
Team: Aurélien Gamboni, Janis Schroeder, Kathleen Stevenson
Funding: Swiss national science foundation (SNF)

TAAG studies how the human and nonhuman assemblages of one urban ecology, Geneva, are responding to a changing climate and planet. A research focus on local networks of human actors (including citizens and artists, as well as scientific institutions, international organizations and NGOs) establishes a context for encounters with nonhuman agents (migrating climates, trees with ritual functions, rocks bearing names, mobile toxins). 

With its rich networks, Geneva is an exemplary terrain for launching such an investigation. What scientific, political and artistic representations emerge in this context? In what ways do these representations render human impacts available to reflection and feelings? How are knowledges of planetary change performed in everyday practices? And how do such knowledges put into question longstanding assumptions about the human and the nonhuman?

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