Marine Badan, affiche sélectionnée
© Marine Badan, HEAD – Genève
Alexandre Alvarez
© Alexandre Alvarez, HEAD – Genève
Fabian Branas
© Fabian Branas, HEAD – Genève
Salomé Faure
© Salomé Faure, HEAD – Genève
Louise Hastings
© Louise Hastings, HEAD – Genève
Juliette Mauler
© Juliette Mauler, HEAD – Genève
Juliette Rechatin
© Juliette Rechatin, HEAD – Genève
Elisabeth Rubattel
© Elisabeth Rubattel, HEAD – Genève
Alexandre Sangsue
© Alexandre Sangsue, HEAD – Genève
Lisa Siggen
© Lisa Siggen, HEAD – Genève

Affiche – Manufacture «Lac»

February 2015 to March 2015

Laurent Kuhni
Florence Marguerat

Creating a visual for the poster of the performance of students graduatiing in Theater Bachelor at the Manufacture

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