Panorama: Archive digitale du graphisme suisse romand
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Panorama: Archive digitale du graphisme suisse romand

February 2021 to October 2021

Project Leader: Constance Delamadeleine
Contact :
Project Team :
 Constance Delamadeleine, Ann Griffin, Nicolas Todeschini, Maxime Schoeni
 HES-SO, HEAD – Genève, FondationSophie et Karl Binding, Fondation Ernst Goehner
Dissemination: online database
keywords: graphic design, graphic design history
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Panorama is a digital archive of graphic designers based in French-speaking part of Switzerland from 1964 to nowadays. 
The relational database is divided into two parts:

A catalog of graphic designers: it contains a directory of more than 700 graphic designers including freelancers, studios, and visual communication agencies. The advanced search allows you to map graphic designers by city, canton, nationality, or genre.
A catalog of posters: it gathers a bank of posters made between 1964 and 2014. The advanced search allows you to filter the posters by the technique of realization or printing, the choice of the dominant typographic character, by subject, etc.

This documentary network provides access to information that is essential for reading, understanding and analyzing graphic design in both its historical and contemporary dimensions.
NB: To date, the database lists approximately 700 graphic designers and more than 4000 posters. Due to the scope of the project, the database does not guarantee completeness

This platform is the result of a research project conducted at HEAD-Geneva from 2013. Its main objective is to produce historical knowledge on the development of the graphic design profession in French-speaking Switzerland.

Within the framework of this project, we limited our data search to one medium (posters), one time frame (1964-2014) as well as one geographical area (French-speaking Switzerland). However, this database is a prototype that will be able to accommodate in the future, all the graphic designers active in Switzerland as well as their productions.

This database was born out of the desire to centralize existing but scattered data, to map the territory of French-speaking Switzerland and to develop a customized tool. It also responds to a need to create a tool for graphic design professionals, students, contractors and researchers.

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