Studio reanime / Car chase

Student projects exhibition

Thursday, June 13th 2024,
17:00pm - 19:30pm.

Ancien garage Honda,
Rue Isabelle Eberhardt,, 23
1201 Genève 


We are happy to invite you to the exhibition of projects by the students of the studio reanime - car chase, organised by the interior architecture department of HEAD - Geneva. 

From the early post-war years to the present day, the car has played a central role in the urban landscape. Today, faced with environmental challenges and society's changing needs, these old car infrastructures are being reinvented. Gaz stations and car garages, once symbols of progress, are becoming places of exploration for new programmes that will benefit the development of the city and its inhabitants. In this spirit of renewal, l'atelier réanime invites you to discover the project of students who worked on two separate sites located on either side of rue de la Servette:

- Former car garage, rue Antoine Carteret 11 
- Former petrol station, rue Hoffman 01

Come and discover the conversion projects for a former gaz station and car garage, located on either side of the rue de la Servette. We look forward to welcoming you !

Teaching staff
Bertrand Van Dorp + Valentin Dubois 

Alexia Dahman, Ambre Gravina, Anna Smiian, Aurore Biache, Benjamin Dohollou, Bryan Reyes, Carla Ferey, Cléa Bertosa, Elise Mathis, Giona Bauman, Hippolyte Giraud, Jiwon Yuk, Kateryna Sushynska, Luca Negro, Maelle Mabru, Manon Lebon, Marie Blanché Mamou, Martin Annen, Mireille Gidi, Missiles Mendy, Nassim Baron, Nina Wallimann, Norah Pittet, Tiago Do Santos, Yan Vasquez, Zoé Mettraux


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Atelier réanime / Car chase
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