Physical Editing 2024

Thursday February 08, 2024 
From 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Campus HEAD
Bât.H. Le Cube
Avenue de Chatelaine, 7
1203 Genève


Students in second year of Master Space and Communication: design installation are uneiling their projects exploration...

Physical Editing
Design is an inbetweener materially and conceptually connecting two distinct points in time and space.  

Person (mouth) _ pea 
Person uses hand to pick up pea and eat it.
Person uses a ‘tool’ _ chopsticks, fork, spoon, mother, machine…
Person wants to eat peas every day _ cultivates _ freezes _ transports_distributes_sells/buys_cooks _ uses tool 

The choices of how to get from A to B (mouth to pea) every single occasion that a decision needed to be made, slowly contributed to the building of the contextual and ideological framework of the possible that has to be continuously put into question and resolved. 
Design as a narrative connection between two points in space and time evokes a “road movie”. Those two points are almost irrelevant, it just provides a context… our characters set themselves for whatever aleatory reason to go from A to B, the story is never about the achievement of the goal, but how that goal is achieved, it is not about the arriving but the travelling, in which way is that connection materialised… to the point that the ‘less functional’ the travel, the more interesting reality becomes… 

Doppleganger - Trap - Megaphone - Ex Voto - Teddy Bear - Souvenir - Billboard - Terrarium - Assembly Line - Time Machine - Crab - Trojan Horse - Celestial Body

Joseph Curle
Luna Deleani
Emile Demerliac
Adèle Guilbault
Camilla Hoffmeister
Victoria Jospin
Chiara Kocis
Hannah Mackaness
Zorana Mitrovic
Chirine Samii
Carla-Marie Savaris
Constance Thiessoz
Lovena Vedrine
Noee Zahavy

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Physical Editing 2024
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