Exhibition Mixed Feelings à LiveInYourHead

Exhibition from June 21st until June 29 2024
Opening on June 21st at 6pm

Campus HEAD Bâtiment D
Boulevard James-Fazy 15
1201 Genève

As part of the Grand Tour 2024, curators Vanessa Cimorelli and Cecilia Moya Rivera are proposing an invitational exhibition featuring graduates: Orfeo Aurora Lili, Sahara Azzeg, Céleste Baum, Emma Beger-Pierre, Batiste von Bergen, Mélissa Biondo, Elliot Bürki, Alessia Bussy, Marine Divine, Julien Fournival, Alexandra Galian, Lucie Goldryng, Zoé Gronchi, Yannick Haas, Simon Hamman, Sarah Kellenberger, Linda Kocher, Criss Leahu, Yasmin Lindemann, Sandra Lumingu, Kelechi A. Madumere, Colin St Mary, Andrea Manrique, Ettore Meschi, Moussa Owens Ndiaye, Delcia Orona, Kyungju Park, Louna Passal, Clara Roumégoux, Sara Rottenwöhrer, Mayotte de Saulieu, Danniel Tostes, Elsa Wagnières, and Romy Yedidia

MIXED FEELINGS invites the graduate students to revisit their artistic projects carried out during their studies at HEAD, and to rethink the pieces that have shaped their path, with the following question in mind: what makes a work of art.

Rather than simply looking back, the curatorial proposal aims to choose projects with which artists feel a particular attachment, whether it’s to their creation, their concept or their implementation, and to extract a meaning from them that turns conventional definitions on their head. This exhibition is an opportunity to reflect upon the infinite in-progress, the ready-but-never-made and other unspoken aspects of art.

The notion of the intimate here seeks out the most delicate fragments of the artistic process and sees the pieces as silent witnesses to “revolutions”. The interests here are explorations of artistic forms that are not compartmentalized, as traces of creative processes that escape the notice of the art world. The passage of time reminds us that we cannot return with the same innocent outlook on things, but perhaps this is precisely what triggers dialogue.

MIXED FEELINGS plumbs into the students’ own artistic archives and aims to open a discussion on the perspectives offered by contemporary creation. What are the ways in which the fluidity and continuity of a work can be apprehended? What are the projects of transition or rupture that reconcile your thoughts and affects?

This exhibition, hosted by LIYH, aims to highlight the artistic practices and the paths graduate students have taken over the several years of your studies. MIXED FEELINGS intends to use this professional platform to offer visibility to artists who, at the time of the opening, will already be HEAD graduates.


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Exposition Mixed Feelings
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