HYDRA, Or The Many Headed AI

Exhibition: from 29 September to 28 October 2023
Opening: Thursday, September 28th at 6pm

LiveInYourHead, espace d'exposition
Campus HEAD Bâtiment D
Boulevard James-Fazy 15
1201 Genève

From machine vision to the realm of material intelligence, between metaphor, chimera and concrete applications, the exhibition aims to reflect on the impact of artificiality and AI on artistic creation. It traverses key terms such as “alliances”, “co-creation” and “non and ultra-human” agency, in a journey that reveals a multiplicity of visions, and scenarios, inspired, assisted or generated by machines.
Its theoretical figure is the Hydra.

Curated by Giulia Bini.

Mohamed Almusibli, Samuel Cardoso, Salomé Engel, collectif_fact, Lauren Huret, Viola Leddi, Lorenzo Lunghi, Nicolas Ponce, The Gardeners of the Sixth Mass Extinction/Laurent Schmid, Alpha Sy & Elsa Wagnières, Jonas Van & Juno B


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