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The Center for Future Publishing (CfFP) is offering a series of three workshops, entitled The Last 3 Miles. The graphic design community is invited to explore together the frontiers of robotics in publishing in the post-digital era. The three conferences are free and open to the public, to broaden the debate and build relationships within our community.

Conducted by the CfFP in collaboration with HEAD-Geneva, the initiative consists of a series of experimental lectures and workshops that will explore design techniques and processes related to printing, robotics and creative coding.
The objective of this event is to merge design and technology to explore new ways of printing, and to create new synergies between design and the world of algorithms and digital.
Through the three workshops, art, creative coding, technology and design will be merged into one form of action-oriented generative thinking, where it is no longer possible to separate the contribution of these fields to the design process, as they are so intertwined.
This interdisciplinary approach will manifest itself physically in the work of the participants and through their collaboration. Together they will produce a new process that will be communicated and returned to the community through public discussions and activities designed to engage the local community as well.

Students, AVS & unemployment: 100CHFS.- per workshop or 200CHFS.- for the 3 workshops
Professionals: 180CHFS.per workshop or 390CHFS.for the 3 workshops

20 participants maximum per workshop
Registration by email


Robotic drawing
15.10.22, 09:00 to 16.10.22, 17:00

Robotic drawing is the interface between digital and physical drawing. With designer Arnaud Pfeffer, you will experiment, divert and design visual works using several drawing tools with a digitally controlled printer.
Workshop in French

Robotic arm
19.11.22, 09:00 to 20.11.22, 17:00

The robotic arm is still an industrial tool, but thanks to AATB, you will have the opportunity to use one specifically coded and driven by algorithms. You will explore the creation of experimental marble paintings.
Workshop in French

Inkjet printer and beyond
10.12.22, 09:00 to 11.12.22, 17:00

What are the possibilities of a simple home inkjet printer? Guided by graphic designer Alice Guarnieri, you will explore and extend the visual potential of a tool with limited functions, with the goal of producing a series of unique prints.
Workshop in English

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Arnaud Pfeffer
Andrea Anner & Thibault Brevet
Alice Guarnieri

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The Last 3 Miles | Workshop
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