Talking Heads: DIS - Everything but the World, BIM’21

Tuesday november 9 at 6:30 pm
HEAD Campus, Auditorium Builiding D,
15 Boulevard James-Fazy 15, Geneva

HEAD – Genève is restarting the TALKING HEADS conferences, a series of onsite public lectures at HEAD Campus. This year the program is curated by Jill Gasparina, art historian and curator, professor in the Department of Visual Arts, and Alexandra Midal, design historian and curator, professor in the Space and Communication MA program.

DIS will be in conversation with Jill Gasparina and Lauren Huret, artist, coordinator of the [Inter]action option in the Visual Arts Department. The lecture will be held in English at HEAD at the Auditoire of Bvd. James-Fazy 15
DIS is a New York-based collective comprising Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso and David Toro. For more than a decade, DIS has been working on the development of platforms for cultural production, dissemination and reflection. Through platforms such as DIS Magazine as well as curatorial projects such as the 9th Berlin Biennale (2016), the collective acts as an attractive and effective critical force in contemporary culture.

Following the evolution of the web (and the transition from blogs to social media and streaming sites), DIS launched a new platform in 2018 – – which takes the pop production and broadcasting formats of sites such as Netflix or YouTube and combines them with an educational requirement: a true streaming art school, seeks to reconcile entertainment and learning. Original documentaries and artists’ videos are presented, which raise questions on the functioning of democratic regimes, media and economic theories, reflections on the technosphere and new modes of access to knowledge.

Access to the conference free upon presentation of the Covid certificate.

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DIS, No Homo, 2021
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