Distortion Festival As Above, So Below

Master Media Design

Thursday 29 April 2021 to Friday 30 April 2021

Online conferences 29th and 30th of April 2021, registration below
30th of April, Exhibition on the HEAD – Genève Campus
Avenue de Châtelaine 5 - 7, Geneva

Media Design Master presents the new instalment of its Distortion Series, an hybrid festival format.
First-year students will exhibit their projects at HEAD – Genève and will host a series of online talks with designers, critical thinkers and professors.

For the past year, MA in Media Design has been exploring the relationships between the design and use of digital technologies and our environment. More specifically, we are interested in the role of designers in the ecological crisis. How can they renew our knowledge about the world with thorough observations and representations? How can we engage citizens into understanding the state of our planet? What types of original formats can we invent to tell stories about our environment? At the intersection of field research, design fiction and immersive worldbuilding, this new instalment of Distortion Series will showcase a series of projects, the results of two workshops done between January and March 2021. Both workshops focused their subjects on our local surroundings: the Arve and the Lake of Geneva.

We would like to thank the Lake Geneva Museum and Michael Jakob for their support.


Documenting the Arvine Technosphere
29.04.21, 14:00

Panel with Studio Z1 and Media Design students, moderated by Nicolas Nova

A bestiary of the Anthropocene
29.04.21, 15:30

Discussion between Nicolas Nova and Disnovation.org

Live visit of the exhibition
30.04.21, 11:00


Neural Zoo with Sofia Crespo
30.04.21, 13:00

Discussion moderated by Alexia Mathieu with Media Design students

I feel in love with the Lake
30.04.21, 14:30

Panel with Sabrina Calvo and Master Media students, moderated by Alexia Mathieu

A digital studio aboard a sailboat
30.04.21, 18:00

Discussion with Hundred rabbits and Master Media students.

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Alexia Mathieu
Responsable du Master Media Design
Sabrina Calvo
Sofia Crespo
Nicolas Nova
Professeur HES associé
Collectif Disnovation.org
Hundred Rabbits
Rek & Dev, Open-source software and technological resilience research, aboard a sailboat.

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Distortion Festival As Above, So Below
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