Distortion Series : Rencontre avec Adam Harvey

Tuesday 30 April 2019

HEAD – Genève
Bâtiment H, Avenue de Châtelaine 7
Design Room  
De 12h à 13h 
Entrée libre

Lecture by Adam Harvey 
As part of the conference cycle Distortion Series proposed by Master Media Design

This lecture will present past and current artistic research on surveillance and counter-surveillance technologies. Starting with CV Dazzle (2010) and the Anti-Drone Burqa (2013), the presentation will discuss creative exploits, reverse engineering, and the importance of functional aesthetics. But as surveillance continues to proliferate and permeate our lives, it is also worthwhile to explore how these technologies can be used to advance human rights. The second half of the talk will discuss alternative models for surveillance including VFRAME, an open source computer vision toolkit used to analyze media from conflict zones.

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 Distortion Series : Lecture by Adam Harvey
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