Perrine Morel and Simon Muñoz sign the poster of the 2019 Paléo Festival

Students in the 3rd Bachelor year in Visual Communication, Perrine Morel and Simon Muñoz, found inspiration in the sound sources of the Paléo Festival Nyon to design the poster of the 44th edition. Winners of a workshop at the HEAD – Genève, led by the Geneva-based agency BaseDesign, they have created a universe with a resolutely pop aesthetic and lively colours. Their project proposes a graphic transcription of sound in all its forms.

"The idea of representing the Festival’s sound universe struck us as obvious. We had both been intrigued by the sounds that emerged from the Festival: the music produced by guitars and drums, the "yeah" of festival-goers, the "hello, where are you", the "claps" of applause, the "splash" of boots in the mud. To produce a visual interpretation of these sounds, we wanted to use playful graphic elements, both direct and expressive. The onomatopoeia and speech bubbles found in the world of Comics were a spontaneous source of inspiration to us”.

Perrine Morel and Simon Muñoz recaptured the aesthetic codes of Comic book and transposed them vectorially with modern lines and compositions based on geometric figures with clean contours and pop colours. They added textual elements in the form of onomatopoeia, short sentences and punctuation in an italic typography that is both sober and dynamic. 

"The idea was to propose a visual universe that would have an impact, based on simple, fun compositions and effective colours, giving an impression of sound. This concept allows everyone to project themselves into the effervescence and ambiance of the Festival”. The visuals of each edition are available on a large number of supports, "we have created a wide palette that allows us to interweave and superimpose the various elements and colours at will. It was essential to represent the Festival in all its facets, whilst offering a multi-coloured, festive and energetic form of identification".

The 44th edition of Paléo Festival Nyon will take place from 23rd to 28th July 2019.
Project developed within the Visual Communication Department of HEAD – Genève.

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Perrine Morel et Simon Muñoz signent l’affiche du Paléo Festival 2019
© HEAD – Genève, Perrine Morel et Simon Muñoz