Gay Couple, Après Midi Person Radio à LiveInYourHead

Thursday 1 March 2018 to Saturday 31 March 2018

AMP Radio is running live during 31 days of collective sonic delirium. Goes lit each day from 12:00 to 00:00 on there website
and at LiveYourHead
HEAD, Bâtiment Général-Dufour
Espace d'exposition | Cinéma Salle Robert Kramer
Rue de Hesse 5, 1204 Genève
Du mercredi au samedi, 14h - 19h

Après Midi Person Radio ( is a temporary online community radio broadcasting from Geneva. We want to put forward inclusion rather than the standard dynamics of exclusion that build up the elite. Fuck the elite. It's all about becoming a becoming, and there is no end to that, there are no limits, there is no truth, fake news is everywhere, (like history), shanzhai yourself up and welcome this endless stream of sense-nonsense (il)logical delirium. Michael sang a song about a better place for you and for me and the entire human race, but seriously Michael: we don't know how to get there, we are trying ok? Maybe will get nowhere and that's also fine, right? (contradictory relation of no end to that, there are no limits, there is no truth) That's where we are always, right? But maybe together Michael, maybe with the help of your spirit, who knows? Maybe it's just about having a good time together. What else do we want? Well, obviously we want money, though some of us would prefer love (sluggish acceptance of self-negation). What else? We want fees!! (breakable vibration). Reasonable fees not miserable cut downs from production costs!!! We want to feast!!! We want to hear diverse voices from friends to enemies, from facists to hippies, colleagues to strangers, all kind of sound makers and noise makers, we want to hear from the far left to the far right, (profane the perfect diagram of reality), down south and up yours, we want to learn how to speak to fascists, bankers, stones, rivers, flowers, cat and logs, but above all we want to HEAR. Burst the stupid bubble of our pre programmed lives. We want to listen to geniuses, mad people, boring people, assholes, comedians, fucked up people, good looking people, sweet people, pc people, mac people, problem people. We want to find a language to speak to the OTHER. () We want to give freedom a chance before it is completely dead, like, artificial inteligencia type of dead. From speech to silence, words will bounce between various languages, with eccentric sounds, carefully tuned music and completely random shit, handmade instruments, poesia, world news, live jams, village news, gossips, pott head talks, erotic fantasies, live discussions and more, más amor, s’il vous plaît! 


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Gay Couple, Après Midi Person Radio à LiveInYourHead
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