Exhibition and round table discussion « 100 beste Plakate 17 »

Tuesday 22 January 2019 to Thursday 31 January 2019

HEAD – Genève
Bâtiment H
Avenue de Châtelaine 7

Important institution of contemporary poster design, the competition "100 Best Plakate" rewards each year the 100 best posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The 2017 selection will be exhibited at the HEAD – Genève, from January 22 to 31, 2019.

Consisting of Peter Bankov (Prague), Albert Exergian (Vienna), Michael Kryenbühl (Berne / Lucerne), Jens Müller (Düsseldorf, chair) and Daniel Wiesmann (Berlin), the 2017 jury considered 1'132 posters by 384 different submitters : graphic designers, students in art and graphic design, agencies and studios.

Among the 2'293 posters presented in the competition, the 100 winning posters were classified by country : 45 from Germany, 50 from Switzerland, 4 from Austria and a German-Swiss collaboration. In this selection, there are 3 categories : 83 commissioned works, 4 self-commissioned works and 13 academic project commissions.

The selection – without restrictions in terms of content or format in accordance with the competition tender – represents a broad range of poster design styles in the German-speaking regions and presents works by professional designers and students side by side on equal footing.

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, a round table discussion brings together experts in graphic design, on January 22 at 16h.

Round table discussion, in English, with :
Erich Brechbühl, Mixer
Alex Dujet, Futur Neue
Jens Müller, optik
Sereina Rothenberger, Hammer
Isabel Seiffert, Offshore studio

Moderated by :
Anette Lenz, Atelier Anette Lenz
Xavier Erni, Neo Neo

Exhibition « 100 beste Plakate 17 »
From 22 to 31 January 2019 
Opening time : Monday to Friday, 8.30 - 18.00

Round table discussion : 4 pm
Opening : 6:30 pm
22 January 2019 

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Exhibition and round table discussion « 100 beste Plakate 17 »
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