2018 Töpffer Awards

HEAD – Genève hosts the 2018 Rodolphe Töpffer Awards, and dedicates an exhibition to the winner of the Grand Prix, author and publisher Jean-Christophe Menu.

The Töpffer Grand Prix rewards the talented comic artist Jean-Christophe Menu for his work and career. With this award, the authorities of the Canton and City of Geneva aims to highlight the artist’s contribution to the 9th art.

Key figure of the independent comic movement in Europe, Jean-Christophe Menu is known for his editorial activity, notably as a founding member of the publishing house L'Association until 2011. He then created L'Apocalypse, whose first books came out in 2012. Author of many comic books in which he experimented multiple techniques and formats, the most recent are Metamune Comix and Chroquettes, he also signed various critical texts on comic strip, including a PhD thesis entitled La bande dessinée et son double.

On Friday November 30, the HEAD – Genève hosts the 2018 Töpffer Awards, and inaugurates the exhibition Recoins, curated by the students of the Visual Communication department, that highlights the work of this artist. A few days before, the School organizes a talk between Jean-Christophe Menu and Yannis La Macchia, under the theme Dessiner, éditer, c’est toujours créer. Moderated by Clément Paurd, this conference will be held on Wednesday November 28 at 6 pm, at James-Fazy Boulevard 15.


Wednesday November 28 
HEAD – Genève, 15 boulevard James-Fazy

18.00 : Dessiner, éditer, c'est toujours créer
Talk with Jean-Christophe Menu and Yannis La Macchia

Thursday November 29 
CFP Arts, 2 rue Necker

18.00 : Opening of the exhibition showcasing the 2018 nominees of the Töpffer Awards and the young comic strip.

The exhibition runs from November 3 to December 7, 2018, at CFP Arts
Opening hours : Monday-Friday, 14.00 to 19.00 

Friday November 30
HEAD – Genève, 7 avenue de Châtelaine

18.00 : Award ceremony of the 2018 Töpffer Awards
19.00 : Opening of the exhibition Recoins on Jean-Christophe Menu’s work, Design Room, Campus HEAD 

The exhibition runs from November to December 22, 2018, and then from January 8 to 19, 2019, at HEAD – Genève
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 14.00 to 19.00

Saturday December 1 
CFP Arts

11.00 : Brunch and visits of the exhibition showcasing the 2018 nominees, in the presence of the artists.
12.00 : Get-together Réseau BD Suisse

HEAD – Genève, 7 avenue de Châtelaine
14.00 : Every 10 minutes, guided tours of the exhibition Recoins
15.00 : Eclairer les Recoins, dialogue between Jean Christophe Menu and Clément Paurd

DIG IT Records
17.00 : Friendly gathering with Jean-Christophe Menu about music and vinyls 

Wednesday December 5
CFP Arts

18.00 : Conference of Dominique Goblet, 2007 International Töpffer Award, followed by a cocktail. 

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2018 Töpffer Awards
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