Talking Heads with Felipe Ribon in conversation with Ryoko Sekigucho

Saturday 30 September 2017

New Campus HEAD
Av de Châtelaine 5
1203 Genève
à 14h30

Felipe Ribon, designer in conversation with Ryoko Sekigucho, writer and translator for Design Days 2017

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The designer Felipe Ribon and author Ryoko Sekiguchi met in 2014 at the Villa Medicis (Academy of France in Rome), where they dined to satisfy the spirits before telling them about the artistic adventure in Dinner Fantasma (Manuella editions). Since then, they have engaged new and fruitful collaborations during their residency at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (2016). On the occasion of the Design Days in Geneva, the tandem will engage in a dialogue and discuss the nature of their collaboration between writing, design, photography and culinary art. 

Designer and photographer, Felipe Ribon was born in Bogota and lives in Paris. His research draws from the uncertain terrain of the unconscious. Several distinctions mark his career, including the Prix de la Fondation Bettencourt Schueller for the creation of a perfume distributor (2014), the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris (2009) and the Prix Audi Talent Awards. He has participated in several collective exhibitions, such as “Double Je at the Palais de Tokyo (2016)  or “Mutations” at the Museum of Decorative Arts (2015).
His personal exhibitions “Corps sensibles”at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design of Bordeaux (2015), “Objects Medium”at the Cognacq-Jay Museum (2015) or “Mind the gap” at the Institut Néerlandais in Paris (DDAYS, 2013), to mention a few, show a great interest in technology without ever experimental dimension.

Ryoko Sekiguchi is an Japanese writer and translator, she lives in Paris. Crossing several disciplines and territories, she writes in French and Japanese, and conducts several projects in literature and gastronomy.
Among his principal works are La Voile sombre (P.O.L., 2015), Fade (Argol, 2015) and L'astringent (Argol, 2012). She has also translated novels by Stéphane Foenkinos, Emmanuel Carrère and Jean Echenoz.

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Talking Heads with Felipe Ribon, designer in conversation with Ryoko Sekigucho, writer and translator
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