Launch of the monographs of Marta Riniker-Radich, Sonia Kacem et Pauline Beaudemont

Friday 22 January 2016 to Sunday 31 January 2016

Three new monographs Marta Riniker - Radich, Sonia and Pauline Kacem Beaudemont have been published within the Service Après Vente collection.
Edited by the AHEAD Foundation, this collection is for young recently graduated artists from HEAD - Geneve.

These works are presented at the Salon artgenève
Palexpo from Thursday, January 28th until January 31st 2016, 6 30 pm, at the stand of PAYOT (A1).

N°10, Marta Riniker-Radich : Interconnected and atmospherically buoyant, 2015
N°11 Sonia Kacem : KIC 8462852, 2015
N°12 Pauline Beaudemont : Rapid eye movement, 2015

Each book connects young artists with several Swiss or foreign critical or curateurs, making them share an experience, reflection and encounter. Tenzing Barshee Michele D'Aurizio , Ruba Katrib, Giovanni Carmine, Elise Lammer, Sylvain Gasser Ménétrey and Mathis were invited to intervene, as a critical dialogue with the artists in these three volumes.

CHF / EUR 40.- (per book )
30% discount for the members the Foundation AHEAD, Librairies, Museums, art centers and cultural institutions.

Limited editions : 
CHF 190.- (befor 29 february 2016, CHF 240.- after).

Marta Riniker Radich : Nerves of Steel, tirage jet dʼencre sur papier, 12 X 18 cm
Sonia Kacem : Plis arc-en-ciel n°1, chute de tissu store, taille variable
Pauline Beaudemont : LʼÂge d'Or, 2016, impression sur Dibond or, 16 x 20 cm

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