Talking Heads Jurgen Bey

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Jurgen Bey, designer
Introduced by Shu -Hua Chang ,student of Master Space & Communications

Wednesday February 25th 2015
Auditoirium, Boulevard James-Fazy 15 
at 7 pm

"We feel like explorers, travelling around the world either driven by curiosity, or sent on a mission, constantly investigating, inquiring and associating. To come back with stories, stories that are told through design for design is our language."

Jurgen Bey will talk about his vision of the world and design with Shu -Hua Chang , student of Master Space & Communications. Graduate of the Academy Eindhoven , he created the Makkink & Bey studio with architect Rianne Makkink in 2002. Recycling, science, poetry and connections between objects , architecture and urban planning are central to his work.

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Portrait de Jurgen Bey
© Tom Croes