Exhibition DRY - Emilie Ding at LiveInYourHead

Thursday 1 October 2015 to Saturday 17 October 2015

Exhibition from 2nd to 17th of October 2015
Thursday 01.10 from 18h

Institut curatorial de la HEAD - Genève
Rue du Beulet 4
Wed-Sat from 14h to 19h

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Specifically designed for LiveInYourHead space, whose architecture is modified for the occasion, Dry features two proposals: one, sculptural, monumental is designed from the place scale by the artist Emilie Ding; the other, sound, monotonale, vibrating, his invitation is made by Stephen O’Malley musician. Both embrace notions of physicality, immersion, density. The exhibition is part of a long-term research on the idea of ​​«sculptures cemetery» means a potential search of a secluded place, on European soil, which could one day accommodate monumental works, bulky, which would have found neither a buyer nor storage place with institutions. The works thus deposited would have been left to the vagaries of climate and weather.

This vision, if it had already inspired Emilie Ding in the past, as evidenced by designs such Cemetery of the Unwanted (2008) or Erased (2010), was also the starting point of his stay in Texas, in September 2013, as part of the residence Fieldwork: Marfa. This was during a meeting with the works of American Land Art and its alteration, with sites in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico share a link with the extended notion cemetery, conducive to desert landscape the conservation of carcasses and myths. Dry is the physical embodiment of these arid and desolate visions. It gives a far sculptural work producing powerful effects of presence utilizing concrete forms often from industrial architecture, both gross, subtle and menacing.

Emilie Ding was born in 1981 in Freiburg. She lives and works in Geneva and Berlin. Graduated in 2008 from the HEAD - Geneva. Emilie Ding has exhibited in many contemporary art spaces in Switzerland and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Geneva, the Aargauer Kunsthaus, the Contemporary Art Centre of Geneva or the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Stephen O’Malley was born in 1974 in New Hampshire in the United States and grew up in Seattle. He currently lives in Paris. Pioneer of drone music, he is a founding member of, among other leading bands, Sunn O))) and KTL. He created music for several pieces of metteure scene in French Gisèle Vienne and also worked with filmmakers and artists, particularly with US Banks Violette between 2005 and 2008.

Fieldwork: Marfa is a research residency in Marfa, Texas, led by HEAD - Geneva and Fine Arts in Nantes: more details here
Emilie Ding’s residence and exposure that results are supported by the Foundation for Art Gandur.

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Exposition DRY - Emilie Ding à LiveInYourHead
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