Cinéaste, de notre temps Table ronde animée par Cyril Neyrat

Tuesday 10 November 2015

at 6.15 pm
Qu’est-ce qu’un cinéaste, table ronde with Françoise Etchegaray, Claire Denis, Adolfo Arrietta and André S. Labarthe.
Facilitated by Cyril Neyrat, professeur HES.

at 20 pm, tribute to André S. Labarthe, with a surprise projection.


The 21st edition of the Festival Tous Ecrans returns of 6 to 14 November , with a ambitious and festive program. The various competitions and sections of the Festival will offer many Swiss Premières , including Peter Greenaway , Takeshi Kitano or Arturo Ripstein . Furthermore , the Festival begins the third and final part of the Retrospective: Filmmakers of our time , taking the legendary series of portraits of legendary filmmakers, co-produced by Janine Bazin and André S. Labarthe . A panel discussion will be moderated by Cyril Neyrat , film and visual arts professor at HEAD - Geneva, around the question " What is a filmmaker? " Tuesday, November 10 with the participation of Claire Denis , Françoise Etchegaray, Adolfo Arrietta and André S. Labarthe .


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