24 Hours in the Life of a Cuckoo Clock in Boston

Thursday 28 May 2015 to Sunday 12 July 2015

Exposition du 28 mai au 12 juillet 2015
Northeastern University Boston
En partenariat avec swissnex Boston

Invited to lead a three week summer workshop, Claudio Colucci , Swiss designer working between Europe and Asia, proposed to reinvent the cuckoo on a contemporary mode to twenty students. 
A principle was imposed : to keep the quality of the cuckoo , which is to tell a story while marking the hours with a regular song. 24 cuckoos were made by students with different courses .

After presentations at the D'days in Paris, the Designers' Saturday in Langenthal in Montreal at the largest winter event in the city, migrating cuckoos continues .

An exhibition begins in the US , at the Galerie 360 from Northeastern Boston University,  in partnership with swissnex Boston, from May 28 to July 12, 2015 .



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